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Side Tool Trays
The Kreepster® is an awesome automotive tool used by professional mechanics and mechanic shops, detailing shops, body and restoration shops, consumers at home and private collectors. The Kreepster® is made with a very strong, lightweight, aluminum frame with welded joints for strength that can withstand any tough and uneasy job while working on a vehicle at floor level, has one inch ground clearance to easily move around shop or garage, has tool trays to easily reach your tools and parts, plus its very easy to operate. The Kreepster® is designed with a modernized appearance to make it attractive and separate its identity from other creeper brands. The adjustable, cushioned headrest and excellent lumbar support provides comfort to rest your upper, middle and lower body without any strain, discomfort and pain while working. The aluminum frame is finished in a powder coat color black to improve appearance, protect frame and add durability. This creeper can support the maximum weight up to 350 pounds. The Kreepster® is engineered to out last any other creepers that is being used in any auto garage and shop. The Kreepster® has parking brakes placed on the two middle wheel casters to hold you in a stopped position so you can be more steady and accurate while working. The smooth and strong urethane wheels can rollover most obstacles without any hassles and hold ups and each wheel has a wheel carrier in an anodized finish to improve appearance. The wheel castors are offered in one anodized color red. The dimensions L: 40" x W: 28" x H: 5".

Replacement Parts:
If your Kreepster is still covered under warranty any replacement part(s) needed will be shipped out at no charge. Kreepsters that are not covered under warranty might have to pay for replacement part(s) plus s&h cost. If a part on your Kreepster needs to be replaced call
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Not Accepting Kreepster Orders At This Time. Orders Will Resume And Be Accepted At A Future Date. Accepting Wheel Castor Orders Only At This Time.
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