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Indoor EVO Carcoon

Indoor EVO Carcoon

The EVO model is probably the most versatile Carcoon of all. This model comprises of a base mat and a separate top cover. Simply drive the car onto the base mat, place the top cover over the car, connect the zipper and plug in the 12 Volt power supply. This model is ideal if your car is located away from the garage door, meaning that you do not have direct access to drive it straight onto the base of the EVO Carcoon. The beauty of the EVO Carcoon is that it can be accessed from any side. This model can also be custom made to accommodate any vehicle size, including extra tall vehicles. Even reduced height units can be custom made.
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Item Size Dimensions Color Qty Price
Indoor EVO Carcoon (regular) 3 14' x 5'3"
Indoor EVO Carcoon (large) 3 14' x 6'6"
Indoor EVO Carcoon 4 15'5" x 6'6"
Indoor EVO Carcoon 5 16'7" x 6'6"
Indoor EVO Carcoon 6 18'4" x 6'6"
Indoor EVO Carcoon 7 20' x 6'6''
Indoor EVO Carcoon 8 21'10" x 6'6''
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