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Seat Heaters
Motorcycle Seat Heaters
The comfort and pleasure of seat heaters is available for motorcycles of all types and sizes. A seat heater for motorcycles quickly provide comforting warmth to the rider through the seat’s cushion. These bike seat heaters are thoroughly tested and manufactured to meet strict governmental and motorcycle manufacturer standards for safety, durability and performance.
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Motorcycle Seat Heaters
Motorcycle Seat Heaters
Motorcycle Seat Heaters
The thin peel and stick seat heater elements fit under the seat cover without detection and all wiring and hardware is installed out of sight.
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The waterproof illuminated on-off switch can be installed for easy access or hidden from view. Once the desired temperature is searched, these motorcycle seat heaters can be turned off. The seat heater also has an automatic thermostat shut off for safety.
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The portable motorcycle seat heater kit comes in two sizes to fit most motorcycle seat configurations. Each seat heater is individually fused for safety and wired into the bike’s electrical system.
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  Features of Motorcycle Seat Heaters include:  
  Automatic Temperature Control  

Heats up in seconds

Fits most types of motorcycle seats
Low power consumption, 1.5 AMPS
Built durable and tested safe
Bike seat heaters are backed by a 3 year/ 36,000 mile limited      warranty
Manufacturer Warranty
This product is warranted to be free from defects in manufacturing and workmanship and is guaranteed to work for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first. This limited warranty covers repair or replacement of the seat heater components only, and does not cover any costs related to or damage resulting from the installation of the seat heater. Strict adherence to the selection guide is necessary and failure to install the recommended kit or improper installation or misuse of any component will void this warranty.
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There are two bike seat heater kits to choose from Standard and Luxury. To order a seat heater kit click on the square button on the left side of each description.
Standard Motorcycle Seat Heater Kit (1 setting plus off) $95.95   
This single-temperature motorcycle seat heater kit has thermostat temperature
control with waterproof latching rocker switch.
Hardware pack contains mini and ATO type fuse taps with inline fuse and
adaptor, crimping wire connectors.
Luxury Motorcycle Seat Heater Kit (2 setting plus off) $150.95    
This dual-temperature or HI-LO seat heater kit now available for motorcycles
has a digital controller for more controlled and consistent heating with latching
waterproof rocker switch.
The system also includes an automatic shut-off function after one hour of
continuous operation and diagnostic feedback.
Luxury hardware pack includes mini and ATO type fuse taps with inline fuse
and adaptor, crimping wire connectors, additional parts for mounting controller
and extra zip tie fasteners.
Shipping Cost:
Allow 1 - 10 business days for standard ground delivery. Thank you for your order!
To place an order or If you have any motorcycle
seat heater questions call 1-888-839-0121
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