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  1. The fan panel air intake should be located near an electrical source and away from outside doors and heat sources.
  2. The surface should be as flat as possible.
  3. The basemat should be located with all sides accessible to work the zipper.



  1. Unroll basemat according to the placement instructions above with clear PVC facing up.
  2. Locate both zippers and unzip the PVC toward blue air intake.
  3. Fold back the PVC top toward the air intake exposing the basemat.
  4. Pull the motorcycle onto the basemat leaving equal distance on all sides. Be sure not to turn the wheel while on the basemat.
  5. If the exhaust system is hot, let it cool before continuing to the next step.
  6. Insert the fan panel into position & smooth out the velcro.
  7. With the A/C adapter, push the male connector thru the slit on the underneath side of the basemat. Connect the male end to the female end of the fan motor.
  8. Starting at the air intake end, carefully drape the PVC top over the motorcycle.
  9. Zip the perimeter of the basemat and PVC top with both zippers until they meet at the opposite end of the fan panel.
  10. Plug the 12V transformer into your wall outlet and hold the fan upright until the bubble can support it.
  11. Once the capsule is completely inflated, insert the filter by pushing the brim inside the flap around the fan air intake.

You can also check out the setup video on YouTube. Note: To increase airflow thru the cover to dry wet bikes or to regulate the air pressure in extremely hot weather, leave about a 4” gap where the two zippers come together.


  1. If the temperature is below 50 degrees, open the Bike Capsule box and let sit at room temperature for 24 hours. This will make the setup much easier.
  2. If your using the Bike Capsule in extremely cold climates, inflate it in a warn area to help the PVC become pliable.


  1. The Bike Capsule will have a lot of wrinkles the first time out of the box. Inflate the capsule without the motorcycle to work the wrinkles out.
  2. Keep the air filter clean by hand washing it in warm water with mild dish soap.
  3. If the Bike Capsule gets dusty you can use a car duster.
  4. If the Bike Capsule become dirty or stained, use warm water and mild dish soap to clean. Rinse thoroughly.
  5. When not in use, store the Bike Capsule up off the floor in a dry, rodent free place.


  1. DO leave your windows all the way or half-way down.
  2. DO leave your convertible top up.
  3. DO NOT use another bike cover inside the Bike Capsule. This will only trap moisture.
  4. DO NOT place any source of heat inside the capsule, not even a light bulb.
  5. DO NOT use the Indoor Bike Capsule outdoors.

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