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Ready-Fit Car Covers

  Ready-Fit® Covers
Ready-Fit covers could actually be called "semi-custom" since they are designed to provide a very good fit using incremental sizing and a hatchback silhouette.  While any of our almost 45,000 custom-patterned covers can be purchased by special order, you'll find Ready-Fit covers readily available at most automotive retailers, in up to four different levels of protection.  Our semi-custom program uses Block-It® Series non-woven protection fabrics made by Kimberly-Clark in the U.S.A.   The Budget cover uses single layer Block-It 100 Series fabric to provide good, basic protection at an affordable price.  For extended outdoor use our popular Technalon® cover, made with Evolution® fabric will provide all-weather protection.  The 200 and 350F Series fabric covers offer different levels of protection to fit your needs and budget.
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100 Series / Budget Ready-Fit® Covers
Block-It Fabric
200 Series / Standard Ready-Fit® Covers
Block-It Fabric
350F Series / Deluxe Ready-Fit® Covers
Block-It Fabric
Evolution® / Technalon® Ready-Fit® Covers
Block-It Fabric
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