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SeatGlove Covers
Seat Protector
SeatGloves with Coolmax® fibers are placed on top a 1/8 inch thick D3 wrap knit spacer fabric to wick moisture and assure breathability so you won't have that hot, wet, sticky feeling like you do with neoprene seat covers. SeatGloves place a high-performance seating panel in the center of the seats that are made with styling and comfort to help you stay dry, stay comfortable and drive better! The SeatGloves Seat Protectors are a semi-custom (one size fits all) fit.
SeatGloves High-Performance Seat Protectors
SeatGloves feature a seating panel of 1/8 inch      thick high-performance D3 warp knit spacer fabric      with a top surface of Coolmax® high-breathability      fabric to keep you cool.
The seating panel is surrounded by a form-fitting      stretch fabric border with the look and feel of      neoprene to protect the high-wear areas of the      seat.
High-performance breathable Coolmax® fabric is      made from proprietary fibers that provide great      breathability, even when wet.
Warp knit D3 Three-Dimensional Knit Spacer      Fabrics™ provide maximum breathability,      insulation, compression resistance and durability.
Easy Care - When SeatGloves get dirty just
     throw in your home washer and dryer.
SeatGloves will fit on front bucket and sport bucket      seats only.
SeatGloves are made to fit cars, SUV's and
Easy to install / remove - semi-custom sizes for      most bucket seats.
Form Fitting Stretch Border Fabric has the look
     and feel of neoprene, but it is breathable.
There are five (5) colors offered red, yellow,
     blue, tan, gray.
Place cursor over each color for viewing,
then click on each color to enlarge
Blue Gray Red
Tan Yellow
SeatGlovesCoolmax® fabric panels are positioned in prime seating areas for maximum comfort. Coolmax Construction: Seating panel 1/8 inch thick high-performance D3 wrap knit spacer fabric with a top surface of Coolmax high-breathability fabric.
Coolmax Coolmax® proprietary yarns are the top layers of a wrap D3 spacer fabric. U.S. made fabric D3 Three-Dimensional Knit Spacer Fabric combine as many as three different fibers in a simultaneous knitting operation. This is a hightech wrap knit that is not a laminate and not a foam so it won't flake or dry out.D3
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