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Cargo Area Pet Pad
Cargo Area Pet Pad
Cargo Area Pet Pad

The Cargo Area Pet Pad is designed to protect the rear cargo area from pet messes, and also protects pets from the hard floor and metal cargo hooks in the rear cargo area preventing injuries, and provides a comfortable and soft place for pets to rest when traveling in an SUV. The top surface of the Cargo Area Pet Pad is made with a soft quilted material and the bottom surface is made with a heavy-duty vinyl backing blocking water and dirt from getting on the cargo floor. The dimensions are 32" x 40". The adjustable padded bolsters roll in or out to accommodate different size cargo areas. This dog pad is great to use for wet hunting dogs, trips to the nursery, everyday use, etc. The cargo space pet pad is made to fit in SUV's, station wagons or sport wagons. The pet pad is a universal (one size fit all) item. Easily clean pet pad by hosing off with water and hang to dry. Easily install cargo area pad by setting in place in the cargo area.

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Available colors: Burgundy, Navy Blue, Khaki and Charcoal
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Cargo Area Pet Pad 32" x 40" #KP00030 $40.95/each
Allow 1 - 10 business days for ground delivery. Thank you for your order!
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