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Custom Sunshields

Automotive Heat Shields and Custom Sunshields

We sell the highest quality custom heatshield and sunshield that will out last any other heatshield and sunshield brands, will block out extreme heat to lower heat temperature inside vehicle and sun abuse to keep away from the interior, easy to install, remove and store neatly in a convenient place inside the vehicle.

These custom heatshields and sunshields are custom made to fit each windshield perfectly. A storage bag is available for easy storage and to take proper care of your heatshield or sunshield. These interior protection products will protect the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, belts and belt buckles, center console, door panels, sun visors from discoloring, fading, drying out upholstery materials, cracking and pealing. These heatshields are a cheaper solution to save you lots of money from partial or full interior restoration repairs and/or replacments of any panels and parts.

Click on any one of the automotive custom heat shields or sunshields below to see which custom sunshield will provide the ultimate protection for the interior and lower heat build up inside your vehicle.

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