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Pet To Go Bowl
To Go Bowl
The To Go Bowl provides a convenient way for dogs to drink and eat when traveling short and long distances with their owner. The bowl is made of durable FDA approved polylpropelene and is dishwasher-safe. This travel bowl for pets easily fits into any 3 to 4 inch (standard and x-large) cup holder inside the vehicle to stay close to the pet to use when needed. The pet bowl comes with a splashguard and lid to prevent spills and messes from occurring inside the vehicle when driving. The bowl will hold a maximum of 32 ounces (one liter) of water if the bowl is used as regular bowl, but it is recommended to fill the bowl with a maximum of 18 ounces (500-600 mL) of water when used in the vehicle. This pet travel bowl is also designed to store treats or dry dog food in its removable base when needed. This is an excellent travel bowl to help dogs stay hydrated during a road trip without making frequent stops. The auto pet bowl can be removed from the vehicle to be used in a hotel room, home, office, camper etc. without its base and placed onto a flat surface like the floor, tabletop or ground. Six colors available.
  • Fully assembled, the To Go Bowl measures 7 1/16" high, 7 3/16" long and 5 7/16" wide.
  • The bowl with splashguard measures 4" high by 7 3/16" long by 5 7/16" wide.
  • The base is 3" x 3" and when not in use, it fits neatly inside the bowl.
  • The packaged product measures 7 3/16" long, 5 7/16" wide and 4 1/8" high.


The Bowl is made up of six (6) different pieces:

  1. Bowl Lid (fits over splash guard)
  2. Splash Guard
  3. Bowl
  4. Base (easily fits in cup holder, can store food or treats)
  5. Flexible Sleeve (so bowl and base fit snugly in cup holders. NEW - Fits standard AND x-large cup holders 3 to 4 inches wide)
  6. Base Lid (to keep food fresh when not attached to the bowl)
Available Colors(actual colors might not show because of monitor settings)
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