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Hatchbag Cargo Liner

Hatchbag Cargo LinerThe Original Hatchbag® Cargo Liner is very tough and durable to transport cargo and withstand daily abuse all year long. The Hatchbag® Cargo Liner is designed to fully cover the entire rear trunk or cargo area space inside the vehicle protecting the floor, interior side ¼ panels, upholstery, and the backside of the seats.

Both front and back sides of the Hatchbag® Cargo Liner, are made from industrial grade 18 mil, heavy duty, PVC vinyl, coated nylon fabric is extremely tough, waterproof, durable, washable, and flexible will keep dirt, grime, spills, mud, sand, stains, pet hair, chemicals, food, scratches and fading from ruining the vehicle's interior. The cargo liner’s heavy duty construction has double sewn seams for extra strength to contain spills.

The heavy duty PVC vinyl material is very strong and durable, can handle all types of cargo that weigh up to 100 lbs. plus, such as animals (squirrel, dog, cat, pig, miniature goat, etc.), chemicals like gas and oil, paints and paint thinners, pee and poop, sports equipment, tools and ladders, rakes and shovels, lumber and pipe, groceries, and much more.  IMPORTANT: Use caution, some chemicals and liguids will and will not damage, stain and/or eat through the cargo liner. 

Heavy duty vinyl cargo liners help vehicle owners save money avoiding repairs and replacements. Transport many different items keeping the vehicle's interior undamaged and showroom clean. These SUV cargo liners are custom made specifically for each vehicle's rear trunk or cargo area space and size. These Cargo Liner covers are used in cars, SUVs, jeeps, mini vans, station wagons and crossovers.

Cargo Liner Features:
  • Increase the re-sale value of your vehicle by keeping it showroom clean.
  • Manufactured of industrial grade 18 mil vinyl coated nylon fabric. Heavy duty construction has double sewn seams for extra strength and containing spills. The original Hatchbag® Cargo Liner offers years of protection for your vehicle.
  • With a Hatchbag® Cargo Liner you will never worry again about spills, mud, stains, pet hair, chemicals, or food. Protects against scratches and fading of the interior walls.
  • Utilizes the "Utility" of your SUV, station wagon or mini van.
  • Custom fitted for over 175 models of SUV's, station wagons and mini vans.
  • Non-permanent adhesive backed hook and loop type fasteners make it easy to remove and replace in vehicle.
Install and Secure Cargo Liner:
  1. Easily install cargo liner in five (5) minutes.
  2. It is very important to prepare using windex to wipe down the surface of the side wall molding for placement of the non-permanent adhesives.
  3. Apply adhesives and wait 24  hours for the adhesive to reach the maximum bond to the molding.
  4. Use hook and loop fasteners, or twist lock kit to secure cargo liner to side wall molding.
  5. Then place the cargo liner inside vehicle.
Clean and Maintain Cargo Liner:
  • Easily clean cargo liner with a clean rag, spray and wipe using Simple Green or any household cleaner before reinstalling.


  • Hose down the cargo liner, making sure all the fabric binding is completely dry before reinstalling into the vehicle.
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