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Highland Pet Barrier
Pet Barrier
Pet Barrier
Pet Barrier
The Highland Pet Barrier blocks off the front and rear seating areas, keep dogs away from driver and passengers, stop dogs from climbing over the seats and move around inside a moving vehicle, prevent distractions and accidents, contain dogs in the rear cargo area to have more space to rest when traveling. This pet barrier is made out of heavy gauge steel tubing, finished with black powder coating for protection, last longer, and has a sleek, modern style design that won't look and feel like a cage. The adjustable poles allow the universal pet barrier to be resized to fit inside the vehicle behind the rear seat. The brace pads at the top and bottom of the barrier won't damage the vehicle's interior. The dog safety barrier is made to fit in most minivans, SUVs, CUVs and stations wagons. The extension kit is available for large SUVs and minivans if required. Black is the only color offered. Easily install dog barrier in few minutes. No drilling required.
  IMPORTANT: Make sure you measure the height and width of the cargo area inside your minivan or SUV to figure out if you need to order the pet barrier and the extension kit together. See dimensions below.  
                        Standard Pet Barrier Dimensions Without Extention:
  Maximum Height: 30½" - 43½" (max. height is in inches)  
  Maximum Width: 39½" - 71½" (max. width is in inches)  
                        Standard Pet Barrier Dimensions With Extention:
  Add additional 9" in height (additional height is in inches)  
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Pet Barrier
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Pet Barrier Extension Kit
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