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Kiwi Floor Tiles
Red & Gray Diamond Grip Tiles
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Kiwi Garage Floor Tiles

Kiwi flooring tiles are designed to cover up, dress up, and improve the appearance of any old and new existing garage floor. Kiwi Tiles are made from high impact grade polypropylene, a very strong, resistant, non-conductive plastic that is modular, durable, versatile, and recyclable. All tiles interlock together using loops and tabs extending from all four sides of the tiles to connect tightly. Two adjacent sides have loops (male tabs) and the other two sides have tabs (female tabs). There are 438 plastic supporting legs on the bottom of each tile allowing drainage, thin cables to pass underneath, and provide strength to support the weight of vehicles. This set of diamond grip tiles are offered in red and grey colors. Polypropylene plastic is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, UV sun rays, fading and discoloring, battery acid and staining. Tiles provide a little flexibility to cushion your feet when standing, walking around, or working on a vehicle all day long. These garage floor tiles have the diamond grip (without holes) style. The diamond grip style has a solid face with the non-slip, diamond grip pattern in the surface. Tiles will sustain a concentrated load in excess of 110 lbs. per square inch (psi). Each floor tile size is 13.1" x 13.1" (33.3 cm x 33.3 cm) and weigh 12.9 oz. (366 gm). Each ramp edge tile size is 13.1" x 1.6" (33.3 cm x 4 cm) and weigh 1.5 oz. (42 gm). Each corner tile size is 1.6" x 1.6" (4 cm x 4 cm) and weigh 0.2 oz. (5 gm).

There are two extra tile pieces, the ramp edge tile and corner tile. The ramp edge tiles attach to the sides of the floor tiles providing a smooth, slanted, and presentable edge. The corner tiles fit between the ramp edge tiles to give the floor a complete appearance.

High-impact Kiwi flooring is excellent to use for many different applications such as agricultural, garages, service shops, racing teams, dealerships, entertainment industry, trade shows and fairs, catering and parties, health and fitness, sports, office and business, warehouses and manufacturing, marine, restaurants, canopies and awnings, many residential uses, and anywhere you need an attractive floor.

Garage tiles can easily be cut to fit any odd shaped garage floor for wall to wall installation. It is recommended to use a table saw or reciprocating saw for a clean cut, use heavy wire snips or coping saw to cut off the loops and tabs (if needed), and use a fine wood or steel file to remove burrs along edges.

Plastic flooring tiles can be used indoors and outdoors all year long. No special skills and tools are required to install tiles unless required. To install tiles just snap together and to disassemble floor, just unsnap tiles, starting with the last tiles put down, then pull up on the tiles with the tabs inserted in the loops.

Easily clean tiles using any commercial cleaner. DO NOT USE bleach and any cleaners with bleach to clean tiles. To remove tough stains it’s recommended to use "Super Spray All".

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Item: Kiwi Garage Floor Tiles
Item Description: Tiles used only one time at a car show.
Item Condition: New, perfect & in clean condition. Tiles repacked in original OEM boxes.
Tile Colors: Red and Grey
Tile Type: Diamond Grip
Floor Tile Qty: 436
Ramp Edge Tile Qty: 40
Corner Tile Qty: 0
Number of Boxes: 8
Fits Floor Size: N/A
Regular Price: $1,238.95
Buyer Saves: $438.00
Special Price: $800.95
Sales Tax: 6% = $48.06 (Added to Maryland Orders Only)
Total Shipping Weight: 347 lbs.
Shipping Fee: $400.00 (Standard LTL, delivery time within 10 business days)
Total: $1,200.95

Order Policy: Kiwi Tiles set is sold as-is, as a whole set including all 436 tiles. Tiles set won't be
broken up. Once Kiwi Tiles set is ordered, order is final. Buyer owns the tiles once their order is
placed and processed. Tiles are not returnable, fees and shipping fees are not refundable. Read Policy

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