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Dog Too Too Car Seat
Toto Too Car Seat
Toto Too Car Dog Seat is out of stock. Inventory gone. Won't be restocked.
Toto Too Front Pet Seat
The Dog TotoToo! System is a revolutionary product that will change the way you and your pet travel in a car together. The easy to install patent pending mounting system & travel compartment are three products in one (Carseat/Carrier/Travel Bed). TotoToo Pet Seat! allows your pet to be “Front & Center” with a seat of their own, keeping you both comfortable and close. TotoToo! seat adds more space for everyone in the front seat (Driver, Passenger, and Pet). With your pet secured in its own seat, you are able to drive with more focus and fewer distractions. The Quick-Lock bracket conveniently adjusts for proper positioning of the travel compartment, allows for “easy lift” access to center console, and has a “quick-snap” button for attaching and removing the travel compartment. Once removed, the carry strap provided turns it into a pet carrier or a bed when traveling away from home. The travel compartment has a plush removable insert that can be washed as needed. The handy back seat organizer makes sure important papers for your pet always travel with your pet. It also provides additional space for your pet’s toys, food & goodies. Recommended for pets up to 12 pounds.
The Toto Too Car Seat can be used as a portable pet carrier when walking on foot you can also take your pet with you.
Toto Too Car Dog Seat is out of stock. Inventory gone. Won't be restocked.
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