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Standard 20 Mil Clean Park® Garage Mat

Standard Clean Park Garage Mat
Standard 20 Mil Garage Mat
Standard Clean Park® Garage Mat
If you are serious about garage floor protection and containment, then you need the Standard Clean Park® Garage Mat. The Standard Clean Park® Garage Mat is designed for one vehicle to park onto the mat inside the garage, and contain gallons of snow, water, slush, mud, grit and grime that fall off the vehicle onto the mat. The Clean Park® is made for indoor use only, to use in private garages at personal homes only, and not made for commercial use. Garage Mats protect the garage floor from getting ruined and stained from water to automotive liquids, black rubber tire marks, hot water from the exhaust pipes, engine grease, etc. Garage Mats also keep the garage floor clean and dry to prevent tracking water, mud and grime into your home, and prevent slippery unsafe conditions and possible injuries. The Park Smart® Clean Park® is made with a heavy-duty vinyl is 20-mil thick, in conjunction with the raised plastic edges, can contain different liquids on the mat from spreading onto the garage floor. The 20 mil thick vinyl won't allow liquids to absorb or penetrate into the vinyl sheeting. The vinyl sheeting might withstand the coldest and hottest water temperatures approximately from -40 to 115 degrees °F, by customer feedback only, but never tested. The specially engineered Snap-On edges are extremely durable, fast and easy to install, without tools. The Park Smart® Garage Mat can be used for cars, trucks, vans, SUV's, Jeeps, motorcycles, golf carts, lawn mowers, etc. All sizes of the Park Smart® Garage Mat come complete with 24" long Snap-On side pieces and 18" long Snap-On end pieces. This garage floor mat is offered in gray only and in nine (9) different mat sizes.

   The Clean Park® is Slippery When Wet. It is recommend that you choose a size,
       of Garage Mat, that will enable you to easily park your vehicle onto the mat allowing room
       for a walkway around the vehicle.
   Do Not Use Snow Chains or Studded Snow Tires If your vehicle has studded snow tires or
       use tire chains, your Clean Park® Garage Mat may be damage, if precautions are not taken to protect
       the vinyl sheeting, from the abrasive effects of the studded snow tires or tire chains. We recommend using
       Protector Strips or carpet runner protectors (without spikes), which can be purchased at your local
       hardware store.
   Do Not Turn Front Tires While Vehicle is Stationary on the Clean Park® Garage Mat.
   Rocks and other sharp objects may puncture the Clean Park®. To avoid punctures, regularly clean and
      remove debris by sweeping with a soft bristle broom.

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Part #
60034 Oil Drip Mat Standard 3' x 4' Gray ----- $37.95 ea
60049 Golf Cart Garage Mat Standard 4.5' x 9' Gray X Small $110.95 ea
60049 Motorcycle Garage Mat Standard 4.5' x 9' Gray X Small $110.95 ea
60714 Auto Garage Mat Standard 7.5' x 14' Gray Small $166.95 ea
60716 Auto Garage Mat Standard 7.5' x 16' Gray Medium $182.95 ea
60718 Auto Garage Mat Standard 7.5' x 18' Gray Standard $199.95 ea
60720 Auto Garage Mat Standard 7.5' x 20' Gray Large $214.95 ea
60722 Auto Garage Mat Standard 7.5' x 22' Gray X Long $230.95 ea
60920 Auto Garage Mat Standard 9' x 20' Gray X Large $270.95 ea
60922 Auto Garage Mat Standard 9' x 22' Gray X X Large $292.95 ea
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