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Ultimate Hose Nozzle
Garage Products
The Ultimate Hose Nozzle can be used for gardening, washing vehicles, hosing off sidewalks and aluminum siding, washing windows, water flowers and lawns and many more uses. The Ultimate Hose Nozzle is designed as a fire hose nozzle for an attractive appearance, better griping, for easy and comfortable handling in your hand and for a strong equal stream of water. This popular hose nozzle is very well used by car lovers because it sprays out an equal flow of water all over the whole vehicle and its light weight. No other hose nozzle can compare or compete with The Ultimate Hose Nozzle.
The Ultimate Hose Nozzle is constructed & engineered from rugged extruded aluminum, forged stainless steel, high-grade fiberglass & comfort-grip santoprene rubber to last longer then any other nozzle. There are five different spray patterns for different uses. Connect the Ultimate Hose Nozzle to a 5/8" or larger water hose for maximum performance. This hose nozzle will be the only hose nozzle you'll ever need. There are three cool colors red, blue and green to choose from. 
Hose Nozzle Features:    
Won't break or leak    
New two way shut-off    
Heavy duty-withstands abuse    
Fire hose nozzle construction and appearance    
Turns any standard garden hose into a multifunction spray tool    
Built to last longer than any other hose nozzle    
Lifetime warranty offered with the Ultimate Hose Nozzle    
Adjustable spray pattern for all jobs    
Easy to clean and maintain    
Hose Nozzle Care Instructions
The only area of concern that would cause your nozzle to operate improperly would be that dirt or debris might get inside the nozzle. If this happens it could cause the spray pattern to be irregular. Your nozzle is designed for easy cleaning: Simply insert a 5/32" Allen Wrench into the "Hexagonal" screw head of the nozzle. After removing the screw, unscrew the barrel from the hose stem and if dirty wash & clean out the debris and put the nozzle back together in the same fashion as you took apart making sure the "Hexagonal" screw is secured tightly in place. Keeping the nozzle clean will insure correct operation.  NOTE: If the lubrication on the black stem and O rings is removed re-lubricate with clear silicone grease, availible at any hardware store.
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