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Tire Repair Kits
Vehicle Tire Repair Kits
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Tire Repair Kits
Auto Tire Repair Kits are excellent to have on hand just in case your vehicle gets a flat tire when driving then a quick tire repair can be made. When a mechanic is no where near by to help these tire kits are very handy. Each vehicle tire repair kit is compact, easy-to-use and easy to store inside the vehicle for the next flat tire. This emergency tire repair kit can be used for cars, SUVs, pickups, jeeps, vans, ATVs, go carts, golf carts, lawn mowers, farm tractors, trailers, campers, tractor trailers and used for all types of tires.The tire repairs are manufactured for professional installers, private owners, collectors, tow truck companies, dealerships, auto transporters, service centers and all types of businesses can use these repair kits to quickly fix a tire. The repairs are made using twelve strands of high-tensile fiber (many competitors use as few as seven strands). Each strand of fiber is individually impregnated with a live-rubber compound (butyl rubber). This compound is laboratory-developed using carbon black, which strengthens the butyl-rubber and matches the color of the tire.
Tire Repair Kit Features:
 40 Permanent Repairs, 4 inches long with carbon black      added to strengthen repairs and match the color of the tire
 1 Hardened Steel allen wrench included for easily      replacing probe needle or open-eye needle
 1 Razor Blade included to cut off excess repair
 1 Large Jar of insertion lube, makes inserting Probe &      Repair easy!
 1 Chrome plated open-eyed insertion needle
 1 Spiral designed Probe cleans injury without causing      additional stress on the tire
 1 Hardened Steel set screw holds needle or probe in place      without striping
 1 Heavy Duty 12oz chrome t-handle with replaceable      needle
 1 Professionally engineered Heavy Duty high impact      molded Case with an industrial Strength latch
 Instruction Guide permanently adhered to inner lid
The tire repair totally seals the puncture (hole) completely through the tire, keeping out moisture & contaminates that could cause the cords to rust and potential tire separation.
The tire repair conforms to the shape of the puncture (hole), unlike hard-cured repairs that force the puncture (hole) to conform to the shape of the plug. Because the tire repair conforms to the size and shape of the puncture (hole) and eliminates stress to the belts and preserve the tire body while completely sealing out moisture and dirt.
Red Repair is very visible, causing your customers to ask "What is this?" but the repair matches the color of the tire so the tire repair is not noticeable to the retail customer.
During the previous travel season, over one million motorist required tire related roadside assistance.
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