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Auto Detachable Front License Plate Mounting System
STO N SHO Front License Plate Bracket
The auto front license plate mounting system is for today's modern muscle, high performance, luxury, trucks and off road vehicles that don't have a front license plate. The front auto license plate bracket is the solution to attach a license plate onto the front end of most vehicles. The detachable front license plate bracket is constructed from 5052 and 6061 aluminum for strength and durability. The license plate bracket is designed to attach underneath and extend out in front of the front bumper at the lowest point where the front license plate will be located to prevent scratching the painted surface. This two piece auto detachable front license plate mounting system has a spring loaded pull pin, to easily separate the front license plate holder from the base mounting plate, to remove and stow the front license plate when desired and quickly reattach the front license plate when needed. The front plate holder and base mounting plate are precision laser cut and hand burnished, each tube and rod are machine cut and hand cleaned, all brackets are hand welded and drilled, after assembly the base plate welds are ground smooth, finished with a black powder anodized coating, and finally install the pull pin and test the bracket. After removing the front license plate holder the base mounting plate remains in place virtually undetected under the front bumper. The front license plate and plate holder can be removed to improve the car's exterior appearance for any car shows and events. Avoid getting costly fines and a ticket for not having a front license plate, by staying in compliance with state law, requiring a front license plate on the front end of the vehicle. The auto front license plate bracket come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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