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Heavy Duty Recovery Rope
These professional recovery ropes are the toughest and strongest recovery ropes, developed from military specifications to pull all types of vehicles out of mud, snow, sand, ditches and up steep hills. Rescue ropes are made and hand crafted, from 100% double braided nylon, with a protective urethane polymer coating and commercially spliced and seized at both ends. Double braid nylon has good resistance to abrasion, sunlight, water and chemicals. The eyes (loops) of these mudder ropes are specified to be longer and stronger than other recovery ropes. The rope eyes can be changed to another color. These tow ropes have three layers, (1) An inner nylon core, braided looser to absorb more of the lighter loads, (2) an outer nylon jacket braided tighter for heavier loads and (3) the whole rope is dipped in a polymetric base giving it a protective shell. Bubba Rope® is a kinetic energy recovery rope (KERR) that provides superior performance, strength, durability and stretchability, that surpasses and is better than typical recovery ropes, snatch straps and chains. These tow ropes stretch and actively use its own kinetic energy helping vehicles get unstuck. All ropes are inspected and tested for both quality and breaking strengths on certified test beds at the factory. Bubba Ropes are used for ATV's, cars, jeeps, pickups, vans, SUV's, utility trucks, farm tractors, semi-trucks, trailers, motorhomes, fire trucks, and many other vehicles. There are six (6) different rope sizes offered. One year limited warranty against manufacturers defects offered with ropes.
Select The Heavy Duty Recovery Rope You Need
Breaking Strength: 7,400 lbs.
1/2" x 20' — The best ATV recovery
rope on the market. This amazingly
strong little snatch rope is…
Standard color is yellow.
$89.95/each  Order
Breaking Strength: 28,600 lbs.
7/8" x 20' — This is the same great
recovery rope as the original but only
a few feet shorter. With a b…
Standard color is blue.
$164.95/each  Order
All rope eyes (loops) are
Gator-ized. Change eye color on
any rope. Offer six (6) colors red, blue, green, orange, black & yellow.
All ropes come with a duffle bag, except the 2" rope comes with a
special web strap only & no bag.
Breaking Strength: 28,600 lbs.
7/8" x 30' — the original strap buster!
Use this recovery rope for 4x4 trucks,
Jeeps, and SUVs. Made fr…
Standard color is red.
$205.95/each  Order
Breaking Strength: 52,300 lbs.
1-1/4" x 30' — This rope is custom
made for mud boggin'. Great for
full-size trucks and…
Standard color is orange.
$325.95/each   Order
Breaking Strength: 74,000 lbs.
1-1/2" x 30' — Jumbo Bubba is a
mega snatch rope. This rope is so
strong it can pull a full size dump t…
Standard color is green.
$463.95/each   Order
Breaking Strength: 131,500 lbs.
2" x 30' — The Extreme Bubba is
ideal for recovering heavy-duty
vehicles such as tractors, semis and du…
Standard color is black.
$759.95/each   Order
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