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Outdoor Bike Bubble

Outdoor Bike Bubble

The Outdoor Bike Bubble is the ultimate storage solution to store any motorcycle outside for a short or long time period. The Outdoor Carcoon's top cover is made from a lightweight, highly durable, UV ray coated, non-see-thru nylon material, as a double skin layer construction, with an air gap in between each layer, and the base mat is made of a 3 layer, PVC vinyl, with insulation foam in between each layer, protecting the motorcycle from moisture, dust, dirt, heat, dew point, cold ground temperatures, UV rays and infra red light, kids, animals etc. The Outdoor Carcoon's top cover is also made as a single skin layer construction providing single skin layer protection only. This unclear, non-see-through nylon bubble provides 100% privacy, and no visibility to see the motorcycle inside the bubble. Once the top cover and base mat, is zipped up together and inflated, provide a protective, mini, safe, secure, clean and dustproof storage environment around the motorcycle. The built-in active airflow system, will inflate the nylon bubble, using one fan and 3 activated carbon filters to continuously circulate and filter the air inside the storage environment keeping the air clean and uncontaminated. The built-in drying vent is opened for 1 to 2 hours, creating a passive airflow across the bike, to ventilate inside the storage environment, releasing pollutants like moisture, hot oil and fuel vapors, heat, brake dust contamination etc., and also blow dry any water on bike and in storage environment. The fully automatic battery backup system, enables the airflow system to continue operating during a power failure for 72 hours without power, if needed. Once power is restored, the battery backup system automatically starts optimizing the bike battery. The battery backup system is designed to stay connected for a long time period to improve the life of the bike battery. The Bikebubble is equipped with a dedicated 12 Volt power supply (power & charger system), provide 12DC to power the airflow system and provide battery management to maintain the bike battery. This bike cover can be custom made to accommodate any motorcycles or trikes. The Outdoor Bike Bubble is for outdoor use only. There are 2 sizes offered a short size and long size. The short bubble is made for all sport bikes up to the Honda CBX 1000. The long bubble is made for all big Harleys and fully dressed Honda touring bikes. This bike bubble is offered in silver only. It takes 10 minutes to setup the outdoor storage bubble. A one year warranty comes with bike bubble.

Customer Feedback
Thank you for your help, the carcoon was worth the wait, very happy with the product simple setup love it.    Bill    12/14/2016
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Item Type Dimensions Color Qty Price
Outdoor Bike Bubble Short 8ft.2in x 2ft.6in
Outdoor Bike Bubble Long 9ft.9in x 2ft.6in
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