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Custom Sunshields
Custom Sunshield
Custom Sunshield Folded Up
Custom Sunshield
Custom Sunshields provide excellent interior protection against the sun's damaging UV rays, help cut down heat build up, lower heat temperature inside the vehicle and prevent interior damage. These custom auto sunshields are a three (3) layer, lightweight, easy to use shield that is made from high quality insulated tri-laminated material, are cut precisely to fit the contours lines of the vehicle's windshield exactly and finished with black felt edging. Each vehicle sunshade is custom made from a pattern to provide a perfect fit inside the windshield. Each pattern is collected and used to make the shields by a team of experienced professionals and with modernized machinery. To easily install shield just unroll, place inside windshield and surrounding frame holds sunshield in place, and to easily remove shield just remove from inside windshield, roll-up and put on velcro strap for easy storage.
Custom Sunshield Layers
A special high density foam was developed that has excellent insulation properties, and laminated it between two layers of Mylar. The outer layer is Mylar with an aluminized coating, which reflects virtually all UV rays. The inner layer is plain Mylar, which adds rigidity and protects the middle foam layer. These three layers work together to provide the best heat and UV reflection, insulate against heat, and withstand numerous folding and rolling while maintaining rigidity to hold it's shape while positioned in the windshield.
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