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Custom Poly Cotton Seat Covers
Polycotton Drill Seat Covers
Polycotton Seat Covers
Custom Polycotton Seat Covers protect the factory seats and seat upholstery from sun damage, discoloring, fading, drying out, cracking, wear and tear, everyday abuse etc. This custom seat cover is made from Poly Cotton material that is a great all year around material, breathable to allow hot air to escape from under the seat cover and comforftable but not waterproof. The Polycotton material is made from 100% pure cotton and polyester weaved together. Polycotton material is a very close similarity to denim jeans. These auto seat covers help restore and maintain the vehicle's interior appearance by hiding sun damaged seats and make the seats look new again or cover new seats to keep in good condition. These vehicle seat covers is a custom product and custom made to fit perfectly. Installing these seat covers is easy because the Polycotton material is stretchable. These Polycotton seat covers can be ordered in solid colors. To easily install seat covers just slip over the factory seats. To easily clean just use a little soap and water. These Polycotton seat covers are perfect for all cars, trucks, SUV's and vans. Three (3) colors offered. A one year limited manufacturer warranty offered.
Airbag Flaps
All custom seat covers are made with special airbag flaps on the side of each seat cover to allow the seat airbags to function and deploy properly when needed and while the seat covers are installed. The airbag flaps feature is added to all custom seat covers made for vehicles with seat airbags.
Polycotton Material Colors
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  Black Dark Gray Tan  
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