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Custom Dash Covers
Carpet Dash Cover
Brushed Suede Dash Cover
Velour Dash Cover
Custom Dashboard Covers
Custom dash covers are designed to cover the existing dashboard, cover sun damage, reduce glare and reflections and improve the appearance of the dashboard and interior. Dash mats also help reduce heat to keep it cooler inside the vehicle. Vehicle dash covers protect dashboards from harmful UV sun rays that will cause discoloring and fading, cracking, drying out, hardening, peeling and warping. Custom dashboard covers are made from patterns to provide a custom fit and equally cover the dashboard and allow all standard dashboard features to work. Auto dash covers are the cheapest solution for dash repair and will save the vehicle owner from spending thousands of dollars in dashboard restorations, repairs and replacement. There are three quality materials offered Tritex Velour, Foss Fiber Carpet and Brush Suede (imitation suede). Interior dash covers are available for cars, trucks, SUV's, vans and JEEP. There are 16 velour and carpet colors offered and 6 suede colors offered. Embroidery options offered. A lifetime warranty offered with the carpet material and a five year warranty offered with the velour and suede materials.
Custom Dash Cover Materials & Warranties:
1. 3-Layer Plush Velour (5 year warranty).
2. Poly Carpet (lifetime warranty).
3. Brushed Suede (5 year warranty).
Custom Dashboard Covers:
Protect Your Dashboard from Harmful UV Rays!
Dress Up Your Interior.
Reduce Dangerous Glare and Reflected Heat.
Installs in minutes with Velcro® Tabs Provided.
Come in thousands of applications for Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Vans and JEEP.
Custom Embroidery:
You can personalize your Custom Dash Cover with custom lettering or logos. GM logos are offered for embroidery.

3 Embroidery Types offered: Embroidery Text, Embroidery Logo or Both Logo and Text
1 or 2 Embroidery Text Lines allowed. Maximum 18 letters per embroidered text line.
1 or 2 Embroidery Logo Lines allowed. 150 regular, non-licensed logos offered. 1 logo per
     embroidered logo line.
Two lettering styles offered script (Upper and Lower case) and BLOCK (ALL CAPS).
29 embroidery text thread colors to choose from.
One embroidery position offered. (passenger side only). Other positions offered for 2nd and 3rd
     embroidery lines line.
Embroidered text messages can be names, initials, places, dates, nicknames, pet's name, etc.

Allow 2 business days to make plain dash covers.
Allow 3 business days to make embroidered dash covers.
(A) pricing is for all vehicles. (B) pricing is for SUVs and vans with certain dash features only.
Custom Dash Cover Prices
Standard Size (A)
X-Large Size (B)
Carpet: $39.95
Carpet: $46.95
Velour: $42.95
Velour: $51.95
Suede: $46.95
Suede: $57.95
Pricing Sizes: A or B
Embroidery Prices
Maximum. 18 letters $12.95, $1 per letter after
image = 2 letter spaces & 16 letters max. $12.95 
GM Licensed Logos $12.95 ea.  
  Orders are also accepted by:
Phone: 410-902-9770
Fax: 410-356-2435 (24hr. ordering)
Email: hwaaccessories@gmail.com
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