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Tire Garage
Stored Outdoors
Placing Totes, Tires & Wheels Inside
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Tire Garage Cover
The Tire Garage is designed to protect and cover all four totes, tires and wheels together, at the same time, in one place during storage. The Tire Garage is made of the same rugged weatherproof shell used to make boat covers and awnings. This tire storage cover can be used indoors and outdoors, in carports, on or under decks etc. You can store your tires in the Tire Garage outdoors to free up extra space in your storage areas. Tires can also be stored in the Tire Garage indoors to make the storage area clean and presentable. It retains its color and strength for years from exposure to sunlight and rain, resists mildew and cleans easily. Easy to setup.

• Free up storage space, keep your tires safely   sheltered outside
• Inside or outside, a seamless look for tire storage
• Keeps tires clean and dry
• Protects tires from UV degradation
• Universal fit due to unique buckle and internal skirt   system

• Up to 27" diameter tire

• Marine Grade Canvas
• Textured Industrial Rubber

Slate Grey & Black with Yellow trim

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Tire Garage Setup Instructions (pdf)

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