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Wheel Felt Pads
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Wheel Felts
The Tire Tote Wheel Felts are designed to protect the surface and finish of each wheel from scratches, knicks, chips, tire marks, dirt and dust when all four wheels and tires are stacked on top of each other during storge or transportation. To easily install Wheel Felts simply slide each felt pad between the tire and Tire Tote, then place one clip onto elastic band on the left side and place the second clip onto elastic band on the right side for a secure snug fit. For additional protection for your expensive wheels from nicks and scratches the Wheel Felts create a fully enclosed tire bag, adding another level of protection for your clothes while carring and the vehicle interior while transporting your tires and wheels. Easily clean the felt pads gently by hand washing in warm water and soap. Wheel Felt Pads are sold as a four (4) pack.

• Protects rims from nicks and scratches
• Additional level of protection from tire and brake   residue for your cloths and vehicle interior
• One size fits all Tire Tote bags
• Durable .5" thick felt pad
• Easy to install
• Large ventilation hole

Kit Includes: - Two Wheel Felts
(Tire Totes sold separately)

 •  Pad size 1/2" x 20"
 •  Fits with Tire Tote product
    (22" through 29" tire)

Materials: Recycled industrial felt

View Setup Instructions
Wheel Felts Setup Instructions (pdf)

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