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Emergency Escape Tool
LifeHammer Rescue Tool
NOTE: This tool will not break windshields or windows made of laminated glass. Some vehicles
may have laminated side windows. Vehicles with laminated side windows, LifeHammer will still function.
Original Life Hammer Rescue Tool
The Original LifeHammer is a rescue tool that ensures safety and a way out is an arm length away in a real car accident. The LifeHammer is dependable, convenient, at your fingertips, on hand and ready to use at anytime because it will always be the first on an accident scene way before any emergency units arrive. This rescue escape tool can save the lives of any passengers and pets that are involved in any kind of vehicle collision, water rescue, bumper-to-bumper crash, and in a rolled over vehicle that requires a rescue to occur from within the damaged vehicle when no body else can help or call 911. This emergency hammer has a double-tipped hammer head that will break through any tempered glass window when the doors and windows are jammed and a razor-sharp steel blade that will cut though any automotive seatbelt to release passengers from being trapped inside a damaged vehicle. This life saving tool is well used by fire departments, police departments and consumers world wide. One mounting bracket comes with LifeHammer. Emergency tool can be stored inside any vehicle.
Double-sided hammer head with hardened steel points to shatter vehicle window.
Includes bracket to hold LifeHammer in place and to mount inside vehicle.
Razor-sharp blade to cut through seat belt to free trapped passenger.
Flourescent button to easily find LifeHammer in the dark.
LifeHammer available in four (4) colors.
LifeHammer weighs 3.5 ounces and measures under 7 inches in length.
Made with high quality materials.
Acclaimed by major auto associations.
Tested and awarded.
Top seller in its category.
Adopted by public safety worldwide.
LifeHammer Bracket
The mounting bracket comes with LifeHammer. The mounting bracket can be installed in any vehicle, near the driver to easily grap and ready to use in a real life accident. The bracket has four grip tabs to secure the Lfiehammer tool in one convenient place inside the vehicle when needed and has a fluorescent button that glows in the dark for visibility.   Enlarge Image
Who Uses The Tool Diagram
Police Departments in:
New Jersey • Ohio • Illinois • Kansas
Indiana • Florida • Missouri • Nebraska
Arizona • Massachussets • Colorado

Fire Departments in:
Alabama • Connecticut • Texas
New Jersey • Nebraska
Washington State

And Extensively Throughout:
British Columbia, Canada
Using LifeHammer Notice
Only use LifeHammer in an emergency escape situations. The effectiveness of the blade is proven as a one-time use only. The head can be reused many times, but should be inspected after every use.
More Details
Installation Instructions
Follow each step 1 - 4
1. Choose a convenient location on the driver's console, easily reached by all front-seat     passengers.
2. Take LifeHammer out of its mounting.
3. Attach the mounting to the console or carpet with the hammer side up, using double-sided     tape, duct tape, or velcro.
4. Replace LifeHammer in its mounting. It is now ready to be used in case of an emergency.
Seek assistance from a certified technician before using screws to install LifeHammer -- this could damage the vehicle's electrical wiring. LifeHammer is light enough to adhere easily with tape or velcro to all automobile interiors.
Once installed, LifeHammer is ready to be used in an emergency. LifeHammer is most effective when installed as directed. Do not leave LifeHammer in the trunk or glove compartment, and keep out of reach of young children. Teach older children to use LifeHammer - the tool is safe and easy to use.
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