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Original Auto Rotisserie
Work Smarter, Not Harder
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Hydraulic Jacks Set
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E-Z Spin Bearings
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12 Multi-Angle Positions
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E-Z Spin Auto Rotisserie

One person can "work smarter, not harder" using the Auto Rotisserie to complete their work. The Auto Rotisserie is designed and engineered as a versatile tool allowing one person to work on a well-balanced vehicle in a secured position, and then rotate the vehicle to the best angle for each task.

The E-Z Spin Rotisserie is made with a steel rectangular tubing frame structure for strength, durability and stability, and has a red painted finish for appearance. The steel frame can be adjusted to the desired height and length as needed for each task. The steel frame can be extended to the desired length using the center tie bar(s) to support longer vehicles and connect the 2 base stand assemblies (both ends) together.

The Original Auto Rotisserie with E-Z Spin allows one person to expend a lot less energy to rotate the car. The E-Z Spin feature functions using the spring-loaded locking pin system that will secure and lock the car in place, has two (2) gray industrial pillow block bearings easily spin the car a full 360 degrees, and has two (2) 12 holes multi-angle positioning plates, stop at 30 degree intervals securing the car at the desired position and angle.

There is eight (8), six inch, phenolic, heavy duty, swivel casters can easily and smoothly move and rotate the entire unit with vehicle attached indoors across a smooth floor, won’t mar the floor surface, will rollover cracks and debris won’t get stuck under casters.

The vehicle rotisserie can be ordered with or without the hydraulic jacks set. The hydraulic jacks set include 2 jacks; one jack fits on the left and right side of the rotisserie for safe and accurate lifting and lowering the vehicle, and supports the maximum capacity of 3000 lbs. The hydraulic jack set is optional.

The 2 base stand assemblies (both ends) of the rotisserie can also be used to work on any type of engine using the Engine Adapter and work on rear axles using the Axle Workstation.

One person can easily move and operate the rotisserie without putting stress and strain on their back, hip, legs, neck, arms, hands and shoulders. Even though one person can manually operate the rotisserie alone, it's recommended to use 2 people to prevent accidents.

This versatile tool is used in auto body, restoration and customize shops and for do-it-yourselfers (DIYs). Customized options are offered for the Auto Rotisserie, call for details.
  • Width: 61"
  • Length: 35" (each Base Stand Assembly)
  • Height: 62"
  • Weight: 600 lbs
  • Capacity: 3,000 lbs
  • Work Height Adjustable: 44" - 59"
  • Center Line Adjustable: 10" - 30"
Features & Benefits:
  • Spins a full 360 degrees
  • Eight (8) 6" Phenolic Heavy Duty Swivel Casters
  • Hydraulic Jacks Set allow for safe and accurate lifting and lowering of the vehicle
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Item #1: E-Z Spin Auto Rotisserie With Hydraulic Jacks $2500.95/Each Qty:
  E-Z Spin Auto Rotisserie Without Hydraulic Jacks $2300.95/Each Qty:
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