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Original Cycle Dolly

Motorcycle Dolly

The Cycle Dolly is a handy tool, for motorcycle owners, to easily move bikes around, in any garage and motorcycle facilities. The Cycle Dolly is designed to allow one person to manually move almost any motorcycle, in any direction, to park against a wall or in a corner, with ease. This motorcycle dolly is easy and user-friendly, one person can load, move, and unload a motorcycle, by pushing the bike on the dolly with both hands without strain. It is reommended to use 2 people when moving bikes with the dolly to avoid accidents. The Original Cycle Dolly is made from 3/16" steel, that is 82" (6' 10") long, with durable welded steel construction, with a built-in V-Channel, has an adjustable kickstand plate, has a red powder coated finish and has 10 standard duty casters. The built-in V-Channel is 3/4" off the ground, for almost any motorcycle to easily roll-on and roll-off the dolly, securing almost any size bike tires and wheels, to stabilize and prevent the motorcycle from falling over. The adjustable kickstand plate will support almost any motorcycle from a small Honda 150 to a full dressed Harley Davidson. The kickstand plate is made from " steel with standard casters that will support up to a 1500 lb. bike. All cycle dollies, come with ten 2" standard duty casters, can support the weight capacity of 1500 lbs. per dolly. The 10 casters and crown profile wheels work on smooth concrete surfaces and semi-rough pavement. This bike dolly can be used in garages, service shops, body shops, restoration shops, motorcycle museums, motorcycle clubs, showrooms, motorcycle shows, dealerships, storage facilities, etc. The dolly is also used to free up floor space, organization, short or long term storage. This bike dolly can move motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. This dolly is sold individually, or in any quantity needed.
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