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Rear Otto Pet Hitch Step
Otto Step
Otto Step with Extension
Otto Pet Step
The Otto Step is the newest and convenient innovative design to provide strength and support for dogs to use with any SUV and pickup. The rear SUV pet step allows dogs of any type and size to easily and safely enter and exit into the rear of any SUV and pickup without injuring their legs, hip, paws and spine. The Otto Step is Veterinarian endorsed and received the American Pet Association Seal of Approval. This pet step is molded as one piece from super strong nylon glass filled plastic that is very strong, last a long time and take the everyday abuse. The auto pet step has a heavy duty non-skid surface to prevent dogs from slipping off the rear step and getting injured. This rear hitch step weighs 5.5 lbs, the step platform measures 18" x 16" giving enough space to place all paws on for support and balance, and the step can support over 200 lbs. Rear pet step can also be used to make it easier and safer to load and unload cargo, supplies and to wash the roof of your SUV. To easily install just insert the rear step into any 2 inch trailer hitch receiver. Easily store the pet step under a seat, in a trunk or cargo area after use. As an option there is a 22" extension piece offered for pickups to extend the neck of the step outward past the tailgate when opened. A lifetime warranty offered with Hitch Step.
“The Otto Step is a product whose time has come.  We enthusiastically recommend it.”  Quote from the American Pet Association.
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Item: Rear Otto Pet Hitch Step $70.95 each
Options: Rear Otto Pet Hitch Step Extension $25.95 each
  Rear Otto Pet Hitch Step 1¼" Adapter $25.95 each
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