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PetStep Ramp
When dogs jump up onto a high object (bed, rear bumper, etc.), they have difficulty repositioning their back legs, often strike their chest or back legs, causing stress and injury. The PetStep Ramp is made for dogs of any size, but can also be used for other house pets only. The PetStep ramp is designed to easily and safely help dogs enter and exit any vehicle to prevent injuries. The ramp is portable to use anywhere, at any time, on-the-go or at home. The ramp helps reduce arthritis & dysplasia pains were dogs won’t jump in and out of the vehicle. This dog ramp is made from Polypropylene & resin with glass fibers and Thermo Plastic Rubber that is lightweight, strong and weather resistant for long-term durability to withstand rigorous use. The ramp is constructed with rust-proof components. This pet ramp has a gradual slope allow dogs too easily and slowly, walk up and down the ramp. This pet ramp has a soft rubberized, non-slip, rippled, textured surface provide better footing for dogs to prevent slipping and injuries, even in wet or dry, and in rainy or snowy conditions. The soft, rubberized, non-slip coating is soft to the touch on dog’s paws. The one inch tall side rails prevent the dog's paws from slipping off, but short enough for any dog to step on the ramp without getting injured. Use the built-in handles to carry the ramp for easy use and transport anywhere. The heavy-duty, ridged, rubber grips on the bottom at each end stabilize the ramp in place during use. No abrasive coatings (sand paper, etc.) used that might injure or irritate the dog's paws, and no materials (carpeting, etc.) used that trap odors, moisture and dirt. The PetStep can also be used as a stair replacement, flotation ramp on boats or docks, and in swimming pools. The ramp dimensions are 36" L x 17" W x 5.75" H (folded) or 70" L x 17" W x 2.5" H (unfolded), and weigh 18.5lbs can support the capacity of 500lbs. This dog ramp is great to use with SUVs, pickups and vans. Fold up ramp to store in the vehicle's cargo area or trunk. For quick transport ramp opens and closes in seconds. Wash ramp with soap and water. There are 2 colors offered khaki/tan and graphite/gray. A five year warranty comes with ramp against manufacturing defects.
Light weight – weighs 18.5 pounds.
Heavy Duty Polypropylene & glass fiber to hold 500 pounds.
No carpet to retain odors or “ need to replace carpet”.
Easily wash with soap & water.
Rubberized ribbed non-slip surface for maximum traction.
Folds to 35” for easy handling & storage.
A safe placement onto exam table and into grooming tubs.
Excellent for stair replacement.
Built in carrying handles for maximum portability.
Great for boat to dock and shore to boat application.
Excellent for water use by simply screwing in portable floats.
Consumer accepted and recognized.
Recommended by veterinarians, dog trainers, animal control officers and      groomers.
Have questions or need assistance call 1-888-839-0121 or Email
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Item:    PetStep Ramp $149.95
Options: Table Leg Kit (4 legs & 12 fiddle screws) $49.95/each
  Side Entry Support Strap $24.95/each
  Combination Brace Kit $19.95/each
  Swimming Pool Legs Kit (2 legs & 8 fiddle screws) $49.95/each
  Booster Leg Kit $49.95/each
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