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Polycotton Drill Weave Fabric
Polyester Suede w/Paw Prints (Crypton)
The CoverAll™ is an optional item made for the Custom Rear Seat Protector only. The CoverAll™ attaches with velcro at the bottom on the Custom Rear Seat Protector providing full protection for the entire rear seat area, floor, upholstery and the backside of the front seats from any pet messes won't ruin the vehicle's interior. The CoverAll™ blocks off the front seats to contain any dog in the rear seat area to be safe, have a place to rest and prevent from jumping into the front seats. The center seam can be opened to allow the dog to move up to the front seat and back to the rear seat. There are three fabrics offered polycotton drill, crypton (polyester suede with paw prints) and true timber camo and many colors are offered. The CoverAll™ is the extension that covers the backside of the front seats and the floor space.
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CoverAll™ Features:
Secures to skirt on Custom Rea Seat Protector with hook &
     loop fasteners (included).
Protects rear floor area & back of front seats & console.
Custom patterned to contour to floor and shape of front
     seat backs.
Easy to install (hook & loop is already sewn into bottom
     skirt of Custom Rear Seat Protector).
There are two fabrics offered polycotton or crypton
     (polyester suede with paw prints) both fabrics have
     DWR (durable water repellency)
Easy care - machine washable.
Choose from seven (7) polycotton colors, four (4) crypton
     (polyester suede with paw prints) colors or five (5) true
     timber camo colors.
CoverALL™ comes with a ninty day (90) warranty.
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CoverAll Colors
Crypton (polyester suede) Colors
The ultimate performance fabric that stands up to dirt and grime in the everyday life of a dog. The super tight weave of this polyester fabric allows hair to brush off easily. The suede finish is soft to the touch and breathable for comfort. Crypton's environmentally-friendly patented finish process is engineered right into the fabric, encapsulating every fiber.  The result is a fabric that guarantees performance from the fibers up!  A finish that helps protect against stains, moisture, odors. Crypton fabric offered in four (4) colors with a stylish “paw-print” design.
Polycotton Colors
A great all-around material. The weave is tight, so hair can brushed off, it's breathable for travel comfort, and it features a durable water repellency finish that blocks most “accidents” from reaching the seats (plus we back up the fabric with a nylon barrier liner). At 10 +/- ounces per square yard, this heavy-duty fabric is very durable but like a good pair of denim jeans, it gets softer with use and provides a good travel surface for pets. Eight (8) colors offered to complement any vehicle interior.
Free swatches available. Request swatches at hwaaccessories@gmail.com
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