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Motorcycle Covers

Universal Motorcycle Covers are designed to protect Motorcycles against rain, snow, dust, bird droppings, tree sap and many other harsh elements without scratching the delicate paint surface. These universal bike covers are breathable to allow moisture to escape from underneath the cover, water-resistant to allow water to run off the cover when it rains, and has a silver reflective outer layer that is UV-resistant to block the sun rays from causing sun damage and help cool off bike. There are 5 cover sizes offered to cover most Motorcylces, from mopeds to full dress cruisers. These bike covers have an elastic hem on the front and rear bottom of each cover to provide a snug fit on windy days, while nylon grommets allow for security locks to keep the cover secure and the motorcycle is protected. Motorcycle covers are offered in three materials Silverguard, Stormproof, and Stretch Satin - several choices for any protection need!

Sizes include:

Full Dress Cruiser: For Cruisers with saddlebags, windshields, tall rear seats

Cruiser: For Cruisers without windshields and saddlebags

Superbike: Designed for the unique shape, fairings, and exhaust of today's Superbikes

Medium: For most Motorcycles which don't fit the aforementioned styles

Small: Mopeds, scooters, bicycles.

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