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Universal Covers
Universal car covers are known as your "one-size-fits-all" covers because these car covers are not custom made. Universal covers are made with extra material to provide an adequate, lose fit, not custom made, offer very little to no options, no custom options offered, stocked on store shelves and in warehouses for a quick buy and delivery, and cheaper in price than a custom cover. There are three (3) quality materials available Coverguard, Coverbond4 and Triguard (view material details below). Universal vehicle covers are available in several sizes to fit virtually any vehicle and offered in tan only. These universal-fit covers are available in five (5) sizes for sedans and coupes, four (4) sizes for wagons, five (5) sizes for SUV's, ten (10) sizes for trucks, five (5) sizes for vans, and five (5) sizes for limousines. Gift wrapping is offered as an option.
Features / Benefits:
       It is instantly available, no waiting
       Application guide listed on box (for color packaging)
       Less expensive than full custom covers
 Universal Fit
       Offers acceptable fit
       Can fit other vehicles in the same size class
 ISO / QS9000 System Certified
Universal Cover Materials:
The most economical fabric, Coverguard is a single layer, non-woven sounbounded 100% polypropylene fabric (fabric weight 85g / square meter) that is water repellent, breathable and has added UV protection. We recommend using indoors light weather climates. Coverguard is an excellent alternative to nylon and other non-performing fabrics, Coverguard offer good protection at an affodable price. One year manufacturer warranty on material defects.
Laminated of spunbond, meltblown, spunbond polypropylene. Material made from 100% polypropylene with UV retarding agents to minimize the effects of damaging UV radiation. Approximate weight of top spunbond layer is 60g / square meter, the bottom spunbond layer 45g / square meter and the two meltblown laers are 17g / square meter each. Each of the four layersis manufacturered separately with UV retarding agents.
Laminate of spunbond, meltblown, spunbond polyproylene. Material made from 100% polypropylene with UV retarding agents to minimize the effects of damaging ultra violet radiation. Approximate weight of each spunbond layer is 40g / square meter and the meltblown layer is 20g / square meter. Each layer is manufacturered separately with UV retarding agents.
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