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Custom, hand-made car bras are designed to protect the front end and painted surface on fancy expensive vehicles. The Outer Layer is extremely tough and durable to protect against rocks, pebbles, gravel, road debris, bugs, tar, oils and grease, nails and screws, paint chips, scratches, dirt and sand, fender benders, etc. Will also protect head lambs, fog lights and signal lambs from getting damaged and prevent bugs and debris from entering and clogging the air ducts improving air flow into the vehicle. All hand crafted car bras are made from the highest quality of permeated vinyl is a marine material used for boats. The permeated vinyl is resistant to the outdoor elements, has UV protection, colorfastness, breathability, suppleness, exact color match to the car's body color, won't fade, mold, crack, or split, and will last five times longer than typical “black bras”. NO metal tabs, glue, drilling or major modifications are needed to install car bra. This car bra has been tested and guarantees to be flap free up to 150 mph, and also have excellent performance at track speeds exceeding 170 mph. Initial nose cover installation should take about 15-20 minutes with 2 people. Car bra can be ordered in custom colors and with custom color stitching.  Other options are offered and vary with each vehicle application. A lifetime warranty offered with car bra.

The Middle Layer wicks moisture away from painted surfaces dispersing it through the outer breathable layer. This eradicates any incidence of “paint boil”, a paint finish damage resulting from entrapped superheated moisture.

The Inner Layer pampers painted surfaces with a cotton chamois felt is a full 2 ounces heavier. The inner layer is unique because it’s an independent layer, not just a flocked backing, and covers all seams.
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