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Safety Rack Cab Guard
The SAFETY RACK completely shields the rear window from getting damage by cargo, protects the cab and passengers, prevent theft, and allow clear visibility through the steel wire screen while driving and transporting cargo. The SAFETY RACK’S 2” square tubular frame, is constructed from American made Hot Rolled Pickled and Oiled (HRPO) steel, weld joints together for strength, durability and last a long time, finished with a very durable, black, powder coating, protecting the rack from rust, corrosion, scratches and have a smooth, professional look. Every steel frame has steel end caps welded at the ends of each square steel tube and attached to rail mount brackets to prevent the tubes from collapsing under pressure. The two inch, square spaced, wire screen is made from 3/16" cold rolled steel wire is robotically spot welded at each and every wire intersection. The wire screen is robotically spot welded, into a heavy gauge, two inch, HRPO square tubular steel frame is strong and rigid enough to attach cargo to it. The extra-long top horizontal steel bar and sturdy structure supports, secures and manages the increase of long items such as lumber, ladders, pipe etc. and cargo carrying capacity. The rack's low profile design allow trucks to park in any personal or multi-level garage. This utility rack is used on fleet, work and privately owned pickup trucks. The side rails and rear bar are used with the rack for more cargo control in and/or on the truck bed. The SAFETY RACK is compatible with certain Tonneau Cover Brands. Truck rack easily bolts onto the truck bed in minutes. No drilling required on most late model pickups. Easily attach lights and accessories onto utility rack. SAFETY RACK frame sold separately in one box, and necessary hardware kit include install instructions are sold separately. All racks are offered in black only. Other colors maybe offered by quantity and request only. A limited lifetime warranty offered with rack.Order Rack
SAFETY RACK Dimensions & Weight
  • Rack Length: 72.5"
  • Rack Height: 26"
  • Rack Width: 2.5"
  • Rack Weight: 70 lbs.
NOTE: Standard dimensions shown. Rack dimensions may vary with certain truck models.
SAFETY RACK Accessories
  • Siderails
  • Rear Bar
  • Tonneau Cover Adaptor (TCA)
NOTE: All accessories sold separately.
SAFETY RACK Brackets and Holders
  • 21" Toolbox Brackets
  • 31" Toolbox Brackets
  • Multiple Light Brackets
  • Landscaping Tool Holder
  • Mining Whip Holder
  • Antenna Bracket
NOTE: All brackets and tool holders not included with rack, sold separately.
SAFETY RACK Hardware Install Kits
  • Standard No Drill: Is used on trucks that will not have a cross bed Toolbox behind the cab. Hardware Kit is compatible with TONNEAU COVER ADAPTER Brackets.
  • Toolbox No Drill: Is designed to accomodate a standard 21" cross bed Toolbox. The Toolbox sits on top of the Toolbox Brackets allowing the Toolbox to slide forward without wasting bed space. Not compatible with TONNEAU COVER ADAPTER Brackets.
  • Low Profile Drill: Is available for selected late model fullsize trucks. It is required to drill two holes through the top of the bed rail to install a toolbox. Not compatible with TONNEAU COVER ADAPTER Brackets.
Lights Mount Onto Rack
  • Work Lights
  • Warning Lights
  • Emergency Lights
  • Utility Lights
  • Strobe Lights
  • Arrow Sticks
  • Light Bars
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SAFETY RACK Accessories
Rear Bar
The Rear Bar secures ladders, lumber, pipe and other long items when transporting. The Rear Bar fits into the rear stake pockets and still allow the tailgate to open and close. Also secures cargo kept in the bed.
Light Brackets
There are many different light brackets available to mount warning, emergency and work lights or antennas. Most light brackets bolt or clamp onto the SAFETY RACK without drilling.
Toolbox Brackets
Toolbox Brackets secure crossbed toolboxes in place. Tool Box Brackets provide an additional 2" clearance under the tool box. Especially useful with extra deep boxes. Choose a 21" or 31" toolbox bracket depending on your truck's specifications.
Tonneau Cover Adaptor
Tonneau Cover Adapters work with certain Tonneau Covers. Only Tonneaus that leave the top of the bed rail exposed are compatible. The adaptors will lift the rack by one or two inches depending on the trucks year, make and model.
Siderails are industrial grade and designed for trucks that push the envelope of on-the-job abuse. Siderails are made from heavy gauge HRPO steel tube and is fully welded to an angular base that runs the full length of the truck bed. Siderails are available for both 6.5 ft and 8 ft bed lengths. The Tube Rail is available in two configurations: the FULL RAIL, which extends the full length of the truck bed and the TOOLBOX RAIL, where the Tube Rail stops short to insert a Toolbox.
Tool Holders Accessories
There are tool holders that secure landscaping tools and mining whip in place when not used. The tool holder attached to the rack for stability. Tool holders bolt or clamped onto the BACKRACK without drilling.
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