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Ultimate Aluminum Pedals
Custom Billet Aluminum Pedals
Custom Aluminum Racing Pedals
These aluminum racing pedals are the highest quality aluminum car pedals on the market that are detailed to perfection, are very durable and have an optional anti-slip surface.

All of our aluminum car pedals are custom designed and made to match the original outline and curvature of your car’s pedals using modern engineering, manufactured on state-of-the-art computerized machines, and hand-finished by skilled craftsmen.
Our Ultimate Aluminum Pedals are even more functional due to an optional anti-slip surface finish that improves the grip between your foot and the pedal, even when the sole of your shoe is wet. Each kit comes complete with stainless steel mounting screws and nylon insert locknuts for a secure installation.  Order Pedals
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Domed Grip Inserts
Flat Grip Inserts
Available Custom Billet Aluminum Pedals:
Gas Pedals
Brake Pedals
Brake & Clutch Pedals (together)
Parking Brake Pedals
Driver and Passenger Footrests Pedals
Driver and Passenger Heel-Guards Pedals
Flanged Pedals (optional)
Door Sill Plates
Ultimate Aluminum Racing Pedal Features:
Pedals are custom made for all vehicles.
Pedals are custom made to fit perfectly.
Pedals are made from aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
Pedals are duplicate remakes of the original pedals in your vehicle.
Two different types of pedal surfaces offered non-slip or smooth.
Two different types of pedal finishes offered frosted or shiny.
Aluminum pedal thickness is 3/16".
All pedals have the hole drilled pattern surface for a more modern appearance.
Pedal engraving option is offered (call for more information).
A one year limited manufacturers warranty come with pedals.
Compare Pedal Hardware
The hardware that comes with these ultimate aluminum pedals are larger and thicker than the other brand's hardware. The thick and larger hardware provides a more secure fit.
Thicker Material
Larger Mounting Screws
Larger Mounting Screws
Nylon Insert Lock Nuts
Aircraft grade billet aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
Durable all aluminum anti-slip surface instead of rubber that will quickly wear out and can be      slippery when wet.
We duplicate the original shape and contour of the original pedal for a perfect fit every time versus      a universal "one size fits all" approach.
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