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Tire Tote
Tire Totes are excellent to use to neatly store away unused spare set of tires and wheels from taking up space in the house, garage, vehicle, office, storage facility, dealership, auto shops etc., stop tire oder from stinking up your house, vehicle etc., help transport tires and wheels to and from a service shop and never get your hands and clothes dirty again from handling tires. Tire covers are designed to protect the tires from bad weather, outdoor and indoor elements, dust, dirt and moisture so they won't get ruined, dry rot and defected. This tire carrying and storage system alleviates the mess and strain of seasonal tire change. Tire Totes help extend the life of your tires, save vehicle owners money from buying new tires because they are covered and stored away. Use the Tire Garage to protect and cover all four totes, tires and wheels together, at the same time, in one place. The Tire Garage can be used indoors and outdoors, in carports, on decks etc. Use the Wheel Felts to protect the surface and finish of each wheel from scratches, chips, tire marks, dirt and dust when all four wheels and tires are stacked up on top of each other during storge. These tire tote carriers are a universal (one size fits all) product. Each tire and wheel carrier can hold over 80 pounds.

 •  Protects clothing from tire and brake residue
 •  Easier to carry tire
 •  Protects vehicle interior from tire and brake
 •  Organizes garage
 •  One size fits all
 •  Extends the life of the tire
 •  Machine Washable
 •  Rugged long lasting construction

Kit Includes: Two Tire Bags

 •  Box: 10”W x 6”H x 5”D
 •  Tote bags fit most passenger vehicles
    (22" through 31" tire)

 • Center - 600 Denier Polyester, Black
 • Sides - 70 Denier Rip-stop, Silver - PMS 429C

View Setup Instructions
Tire Tote Setup Instructions (pdf)

Tire Tote Features:
Double stitching used on tote for strength. Outer handle makes it easier to carry each tote.
Inner liner black 600 denier polyester material contains tire markings, residue and dirt from getting on belongings. Front & rear elastic bands stretch adjusting to tire & wheel sizes when tote is wrapped closed securing tire, wheel & felt inside tote.
Outer double velcro pieces keep tote tightly wrapped closed around tire. Look through tote at the backside of the wheel showing wheel felt (black areas) protecting wheel surface.
Wheel felt inserted between wheel surface & tire tote, secured by bungee cord, with center clip, left and right clips attached to elastic edging. Left and right side hook-and-loop (velcro) attachments secure tote around tire.
Tire Tote Setup
Put tire & wheel inside tote Wrap tote around tire, affix top & side hook-&-loop attachments Tire & wheel ready to be toted
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