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Custom Car Covers
Coverking's goal is to manufacture superior Custom Car Covers that fits perfectly, each material has high ratings, looks excellent, provides strength and other features. Coverking Custom Car Covers are made out of six (6) top quality materials Satin Stretch™ (indoor use only), Triguard™, Coverbond4™, MOSOM™, Silverguard™ and Stormproof™ (serious all weather protection) offered in solid and two tone colors to choose from to improve vehicle body appearance. Coverking designs car cover materials in-house and contracts production of the fabric to the world's leading textile mills. Coverking refuses to use "off the shelf" fabrics - such materials rarely meet the unique and demanding needs of a car cover material. All of Coverking's car cover materials must meet strict quality standards before using for new Custom Car Cover production and are not over-runs, "OEM seconds", low grade materials or "off color". These Custom Car Covers are easy slip-on covers that only takes less than half an hour to install a pair!
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Silverguard Custom Car CoverCoverking's Silverguard™ is a 300 denier polyester material with a reflective and water resistant coating. Silverguard is a great car cover to use all year long, suggested for most conditions and sunny climates except extreme rain, snow or ice - in which case we suggest Stormproof™. 300 denier is a strong, heavy weve which will not rip or tear easily. The silver coating on Silverguard™ does an excellent job of reflecting sunlight, while keeping rain and animal droppings from damaging the vehicle finish. As with all Coverking Custom Car Covers, Silverguard™ can be custom made in just 2 days.
Silverguard™ car covers are breathable, although not as breathable as Mosom™ or Stormproof™. Silverguard Custom Car CoverIf your vehicle is exposed to rain for long durations, Mosom™ or Stormproof™ are better car cover options. If protection from light nicks, scratches and light hail is required, Coverbond 4 is the best choice.

Silverguard™ is soft to the touch and won't scratch a vehicle finish (assuming the vehicle is clean when the cover is applied). Silverguard is available in silver color, and offered with optional embroidery and officially licensed GM logos.
Silverguard Custom Car Cover Beware of materials which claim to be similar, but are only half the weight - 150 denier material is not suitable for car cover use. Coverking tests all it's materials, including Silverguard™, to be compatible with automotive paints and clear coats. Because Coverking is TS16949 and QS-9000 certified, all materials used for Custom Car Covers are tested and OEM approved.
Coverking Design Chart
Pattern & Design
Silverguard™ Custom Car Covers are available only with Coverking's famous Custom Fit and the unique pattern designs which result in the fewest seams possible - Compare the images on the left. Coverking uses the fewest seams to produce a perfect, custom fit without the "patchwork" look created by sewing small pieces together. Although it costs more, Coverking's designs result in superior fit, looks, and less chance of seams failing or leaking.
Customization Description
Cover Features & Benefits

Logos silk-screened onto the front of the cover is       a very popular option for many owners.
Nomex treatment is a popular choice for sports             cars or modified cars with protruding exhaust             pipes. Nomex is a DuPont material which is heat       insulated and fire retardant. Coverking stitches a       wide band of Nomex around the rear inside the       cover, and a reinforcement layer of material on the       outside. This customization helps to prevent       material from burning or melting onto hot exhaust       pipes.
All Coverking custom covers are stitched with       white thread.
Coverking's reflective treatment adds special       light-reflective strips sewn strategically throughout       the cover. This is especially useful for vehicles       parked on busy streets.
Two tone color options; such as black and red or       black and yellow, produce a very sporty look (not a       customization, but rather a material code)

Protects Vehicle Finish
   Block UV rays that can bleach the color from    paint.
   Stop bird droppings from etching vehicle finish.
   Some fabrics reduce water spots that can    permanently mar the finish.
Helps To Protect Interior
   Keeps vehicle interior cool on sunny days.
   Reduces interior fabric fading from the sun's    rays.
   An excellent theft deterrent - prevents prying    eyes from seeing valuables inside vehicle.
Coverking Custom Fit
   The best fit available.
   Perfect fit means no tight spots or loose areas in    cover.
   All patterns designed on sophisticated CAD    equipment.
Silverguard™ Ratings
Coverking has a wide selection of materials, each material selected meets a particular cover need and budget. Below are the 6 ratings used for Custom Car Cover Materials, and an explanation of each. A "5 Rating" is the highest rate each material can get.
Water Resistance is a relative grade of how much water will penetrate the fabric. A "5" signifies the most water resistant material. WATERPROOF materials will not breathe, trapping moisture. All Coverking materials are water resistant, not waterproof.
Breathability describes how much moisture vapor trapped under the vehicle can escape through the cover. If a material is not breathable, it will trap moisture and cause rust. A "5" signifies the most breathable material.
Compactness measures how easily the material is to pack, and how small the final packed cover is. A score of "5" identifies the most compact cover. This is an important attribute if you will use your cover often.
The Sun's UV Rays damage a vehicle's interior, finish, and also the car cover material. Materials with a "5" rating are most likely not to degrade under extreme sun conditions.
Natural and Man-Made Hazards, such as bird droppings, tree droppings and industrial fall out are very acidic, and can eat through a car's finish. A score of "5" identifies the material most resistant to these dangerous chemicals.
All Coverking materials are designed not to scratch a vehicle's finish (make sure vehicle surface is clean when the cover is installed). However, some materials are softer than others. A "5" rating is the softest.
All S&H cost will be added to your order once your
WeatherShield Cover is complete and has been shipped out.
All Silverguard Car Cover orders can be placed by calling 1-888-839-0121.
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